Tuition Adjustment Programs

Sierra Waldorf School offers two types of tuition adjustment: 

  • The Sliding Scale Matrix
  • Accessible to All (ATA) Program 

We strive to offer a Waldorf education to as many children and families who are willing to value and support it.  When setting an adjusted tuition amount for the year, all families are asked to make their financial contribution to the school a priority.  Families are expected to look for opportunities to stretch beyond their immediate financial situation, including but not limited, to asking extended family for monthly contributions or looking for fuller employment.


  1. The tuition amount for sliding scale must reflect the maximum amount you are able to pay each month (up to full tuition). If you have the ability to pay more than shown here please indicate a higher tuition amount in your Tuition Adjustment application.
    1. Parents with significant liquid assets are expected to contribute above and beyond the AGI shown above.
    2. Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) is based upon last year’s income. If you expect your income to be higher this year you are required to use this year’s anticipated income levels to establish the minimum tuition in the chart above.
    3. If you expect your AGI  to be lower than what TADS determines, you should either pay the sliding scale amount from the previous year’s TADS-verified AGI or apply to ATA.
  2. Increases in income mid-year require that the families notify SWS and increase their payments to match their modified AGI.
  3. Monthly tuition based on 12 monthly payments (multiply by 12 for annual tuition).
  4. Separated or divorced families require that each parent must file with TADS.

Accessible to All (ATA)

If you determine that you are unable to pay the sliding scale amount for your Adjusted Gross Income, you must indicate on your contract that you are applying for ATA.

The process starts with income verification through TADS. Instructions on applying to TADS will be provided in your enrollment packet.

Sierra Waldorf School Partner Code: 200546

TADS Tuition Management conducts the financials needs analysis for families requesting tuition adjustment through our Accessible to All program. Families applying for either the sliding scale matrix or Accessible to All will need to complete an application and submit necessary supporting documentation to TADS.

TADS Application