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Executive Summary of RTS Policies for Parents

At Sierra Waldorf School we believe that children thrive in a school environment where their social, emotional, physical, and intellectual growth is fostered and supported; Waldorf education is uniquely qualified to provide this environment. In order to promote good health, it is prudent to take steps to minimize the risk of transmission of COVID-19 among students, faculty, and staff. As a community which endeavors to promote social renewal, we have a responsibility to engage in practices that support the health and well-being of the larger community; particularly those members of our community who are at higher risk. It is with the ideals of this holistic education and the creativity of our community that we will follow the State of California’s “Industry Guidance for Schools” as interpreted by our state and local Public Health Department.


Each class will be considered a pod or cohort. Kindergarten will be separated into three pods, Red Rose, White Rose, Moss Rose. Classes will aim to remain in their pods as much as possible, and will not mix during school hours. Because of this safety precaution, in the event a student or a teacher receives a positive COVID diagnosis, only that person’s class (“pod”) would have to quarantine.

Health Screenings

In order to keep people with symptoms of illness away from campus, we will institute a policy of daily health screenings for anyone who comes on campus. Everyone who comes on campus must have a completed form indicating that they are free from Covid symptoms, including a temperature check. We encourage parents to perform these screenings on their children and selves at home, but for those that forget or are unable, screening stations will be available on campus.

Sick Students & Staff

If your child becomes sick at school someone will be designated to care for them and you will be notified immediately. You will be asked to pick up your child ASAP if you are unable you may have a designee pick up your child. If a teacher becomes sick at school they will be relieved immediately and their class cared for by a designee. The pod or cohort will only be dismissed if someone in the pod was diagnosed with Covid either by confirmed testing or via symptoms. Please do not send sick children to school. If you become sick with the symptoms of Covid-19 you may be asked to quarantine for 14 days, get a test to verify you are negative or get a note from your healthcare professional that you may return to school. The note from your healthcare professional will be incredibly important if you have symptoms that may present as Covid-19 but in fact are not, such as seasonal allergies.

Masks & Face Coverings

Universal mask wearing can reduce the transmission of Covid-19. Per California law, masks or cloth face coverings are required for all staff and visitors on campus and for children 3rd grade and above at all times indoors, and outdoors unless able to maintain a six foot distance. Please note: the ability of a child to maintain a six foot distance will be determined by the class teacher and students may only remove their face coverings at the direction of their teacher. Children younger than second grade and younger will be strongly encouraged to wear a cloth face covering, but a face shield is an acceptable alternative for this cohort. We ask that this age group always bring a mask or face covering/shield with them to school.

Physical Distancing

Classrooms will be arranged with desks 6 feet apart from each other whenever possible or practical. It may be impractical or impossible for young children to maintain a 6-foot physical distance from each other, especially during outdoor free play, even when reminded or instructed. It may be the discretion of the teacher to have children don facial coverings during these times.


All classrooms will be cleaned frequently with minimal cleaning requirements at lunch recess and prior to the next school day. All shared materials will be cleaned and disinfected prior to sharing.


All people coming on campus will be required to perform proper hand hygiene. Educational material will be provided to you and your family on how to properly wash your hands. Students will be required to wash more frequently and in specific situations like after eating a meal or before entering a classroom.

Home Visits

In lieu of home visits, teachers will schedule individual family visits on campus. Classrooms will be cleaned between visits according to the cleaning policy.

Medically Fragile Individuals

While COVID-19 school policies can reduce risk, they will not prevent it entirely. Even with safety steps in place, some students with high-risk medical conditions may need other accommodations. Parents of medically fragile students should talk with their pediatrician and school staff to determine if their child can safely return to school.

Food at School

All children are required to bring their own lunch and snack except in special situations. All early childhood families (Red Rose, White Rose and Moss Rose) will be required to provide their own snacks. All children participating in after school care will also be required to provide their own snacks. There may be situations in which food is provided to the children but only via the strict guidelines of the food at school policy.

Covid Testing

All staff will be required to get tested for Covid-19 on a regular basis. It is not requires that your child be tested for Covid, we do however encourage all symptomatic children to be tested. Please refer to the sick child/adult policy.


Q: If my child is not required to wear a mask will there be situations that arise that may require them to wear them?2020-08-21T09:23:38-07:00

A: Yes, there may be situations in which your child may need to don a mask, some examples might include; If your child becomes ill, a fire drill, or going into the office. Please always send your child to school with a mask or face covering.

Q: What if my child has allergies or another illness and appears sick but does not have Covid?2020-08-21T09:23:14-07:00

A: A note from your child’s healthcare practitioner stating they have allergies or other illness and do not have Covid will be required for anyone whose allergies or other illness present as symptoms of Covid. You can bring this note with you preemptively to avoid being dismissed.

Q: If a person from one pod becomes ill at school is there entire pod dismissed?2020-08-21T09:22:55-07:00

A: No, the entire pod will be dismissed only in the event someone is confirmed positive with Covid-19 within the pod.

Q: If my child becomes ill at school and has to be dismissed, when can they return?2020-08-21T09:22:31-07:00

A: Your child may return to school after a 14 day quarantine, or a negative Covid test and 72 hours after symptoms have cleared, or a note from your child’s healthcare practitioner stating they do not have Covid 19 and are safe to return to school.

Q: Does my child have to wear a mask while playing outside?2020-08-21T09:22:00-07:00

A: Your child will be allowed to remove their mask or facial covering at the discretion and direction of the teacher while playing outside. This discretion includes whether they have the capacity to maintain physical distancing.

Q: What would cause SWS to switch to distance learning?2020-08-21T09:21:34-07:00

A: If Tuolumne County goes on the watch list and remains there for 14 days, then SWS will have to switch to distance style learning.

Q: Public schools in our county are doing distance learning, will SWS open with distance learning as well?2020-08-21T09:21:03-07:00

A: SWS will be open with in person learning.

Q: Will I be notified if a student in my child’s pod becomes sick?2020-08-21T09:20:37-07:00

A: As per SWS guidelines you will be notified that someone in your pod is ill and to the nature of the illness. No personal information will be given out to anyone.

Q: What if my child becomes sick at school?2020-08-21T09:20:08-07:00

A: You or your person of contact will be notifies immediately to pick your child from school. Your child will be cared for until you or your designee arrive.

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