Parent Committees2021-05-10T11:39:31-07:00


Board of Trustees2023-07-17T12:35:32-07:00

The board of trustees is made up of teachers, parents, alumni parents, and community members and is responsible for the long-term direction of the business affairs of the school. We ensure proper legal counsel and insurance; approve the annual operating budget and tuition levels, long-range and strategic planning and the purchase and maintenance of school property.

Parent Association Council2022-02-14T15:02:43-07:00

The Parent Association is the principle vehicle for the parent involvement in the school beyond parent attendance at class meetings and school activities. The PAC, which consists of at least one parent from each class meets monthly. PAC meeting are open to all interested parents at the school. These PAC meetings serve as both a time to learn about activities in various classes and as an organized meeting to coordinate upcoming festivals and events.

Fundraising & Outreach Committee2023-07-17T12:35:59-07:00

This committee serves to support our Annual Giving Campaign,  Elves’ Faire & seasonal outreach events.

Finance Committee2023-07-17T12:35:48-07:00

The finance committee, a sub-committee of the board, is responsible for proposing a budget to the board each year, establishing financial policies and procedures to be used by the school and monitoring/reporting on the financial condition of the school. Finance is also collaborating with the development director and the board to build a sustainable financial plan that allows the school to deliver the services that families and faculty expect to be part of the school.

Auction Committee2023-07-17T12:35:25-07:00

Under the direction of the Development Director, the auction committee oversees the planning of the Annual Rites of Spring Auction, one of SWS’s main fundraisers. The committee works on procurement, promotion, operations, sponsorships, decorations and planning.

Site Committee2023-07-17T12:36:32-07:00

Meets monthly to review and prioritize maintenance and repairs on campus. Organizes all school work days and special projects. Administration, Board, Faculty, PAC are represented on this committee.

Accessible to All2022-02-14T14:39:27-07:00

The Accessible-To-All program is a tuition model based on the ideal that Waldorf education should be accessible to all families, who truly value it, whatever their economic status. The ATA committee works with families to find the balance to maintain the financial health of their families and to contribute to the financial health of the school. The practical work involves having conversations with families where the group comes to consensus for the tuition amount.

After School Care2023-07-17T12:35:13-07:00

The ASC Committee meets to provide support for our ASC program and employees.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion2023-07-17T12:35:38-07:00

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion or DEI is our newest committee, mandate coming soon!

Health & Safety2023-07-17T12:36:15-07:00

The Health & Safety Committee was created out of the need for guidance during the ever-changing Covid-19 pandemic. Currently, they meet as needed to revise or create policies in regards to the health and safety of the SWS community. Members of HAS are also consulted in the planning of school events

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