The Vision of Sierra Waldorf School is to provide a Waldorf education to children which develops their capacities for thinking, feeling, and willing, while nurturing and honoring their spirit, soul, and physical bodies. Our compassionate community is dedicated to the  task of social renewal in the world. 

Our Mission is

  • To use the anthroposophical insights and indications of Rudolf Steiner as the foundation  of our pedagogical and organizational work. 

  • To continually deepen our understanding of human development and Waldorf education so that we conscientiously bring an integrated and comprehensive curriculum to children.

  • To inspire our children to go forth in freedom into the world as responsible individuals.

  • To sustain a school culture of inclusion and servant leadership that is healthy, safe,  respectful, responsible, and compassionate.

  • To make Waldorf education accessible to as many children and families who are willing  to value and support it.

  • To offer adult education to deepen our understanding of child development and the  spiritual three-fold nature of the human being. 

  • To sustain a three-fold organizational structure that conscientiously supports healthy  business practices, decision-making, strategic planning, responsible communication,  and transparency of philosophy and practices. 

  • To attract qualified teachers and staff who work out of a commitment to anthroposophy  and an inner path of development.

  • To participate in the international Waldorf movement. 

  • To include ourselves in the larger educational community of our area through outreach, educational sharing, and resource sharing.

Our Values & Goals

  • To participate in the renewal of the social impulse in the world is of the utmost value and of critical importance. (We understand that to be truly “social” is to consider the needs of others as the motive of our actions.)

  • SWS is a physical manifestation of a spiritual impulse. Central to our work as a school and community is to strive to form an active relationship with that spiritual impulse to better serve its incarnation.

  • Each individual brings valuable gifts into the world that must be respected, understood, and nurtured. The Waldorf curriculum respects and compassionately tolerates individual differences as well as promoting healthy group membership, inclusion, and participation.

  • Conscious cooperation and collaboration between parents and teachers and among community members is the healthiest environment in which to educate children.

  • Compassion, consideration, and respect for nature is essential for healthy incarnation because it is in nature, as well as in our human relationships, that we discover our place as human beings and have the opportunity to experience its moral lessons.

  • Selflessness and servant leadership are fostered and modeled as essential qualities of an integrated human being.

  • Working with consensus in decision-making inspires commitment in decisions and allows for full participation and group-wisdom.

  • Responsibility, accountability, and clear statements of authority in decision-making are essential for integrity of constitutional and operational mandates.

  • Clarity and consciousness of the difference between governance and management, and how they are in relationship, is s foundational necessity of healthy and integrated leadership.


SWS is situated on the site of the former Rawhide School built in 1875 for the families of a thriving gold-mining community.  The one-room school house continues to be used for eurythmy, music education, drama presentations, and community meetings. It is surrounded by classrooms built by Columbia Unified School District when they used the site, as well as classrooms built by SWS.

Our Nursery and Parent Tot Program share their own yard, our two kindergartens share a yard, as do our First and Second Grades.  Our bur- geoning community garden borders the parking lot and is clearly visible from the road. It has become an “eye-catcher” and a centerpiece of the school.  On the northern and eastern edges of the valley we are bordered by lava table mountains, and to the south and west, rolling foothills. Directly across the road is a working cattle ranch.