Sierra Waldorf School was established in 1989 by a dedicated group of parents and teachers who sought a high quality learning environment for their children. After investigating various educational methods, they found Waldorf education to be relevant, effective, and time-proven, with over 98 years of successful application worldwide.

Early Childhood

The Early Childhood Program in a Waldorf school provides the young child with a warm, beautiful and loving home-like environment, which is protective and secure where things happen in a predictable, rhythmical manner. The teacher engages in domestic, practical and artistic activities that the children can readily imitate (baking, painting, gardening, songs, and handcrafts.) Additionally, the teacher nurtures the children’s power of imagination through storytelling and free play.

Lower and Upper Grades

In the first eight grades of school, children are exposed to the main branches of human knowledge. During that time, they also form their sense of self and their attitude toward others and the world around them. In short, they lay the foundation for their future striving and development. It is the aim of Waldorf education to make their foundation resilient and broad.

3rd Grade Shelter Project

3rd Grade Shelter Project

The children participate in music, drama and a variety of other artistic activities, practice hands-on skills such as knitting, gardening and woodworking. They enjoy physical education in addition to solid academic subjects such as English, History, Geography, Mathematics, and the Sciences.

More about the school…

Nestled in the beautiful Rawhide Valley, Sierra Waldorf School offers classes from Preschool through eighth grade. In the center of the campus stands the historic 1875 Rawhide Schoolhouse, which is now used as a classroom and assembly hall. Our rural site, surrounded by ranch land and framed by Table Mountain.

The school is centrally located for both Tuolumne and Calaveras Counties. It is 10 minutes from East Sonora and less than 20 minutes from Angels Camp. Sonora, the county seat of Tuolumne County, is a 2 1/2 hour drive from the San Francisco Bay Area and a 11/2 hour drive north of Yosemite National Park.

We welcome inquiries about our school and would be happy to arrange for you to visit our classrooms. We encourage you to join us at one of our festivals. We also schedule cultural events and lectures from time to time.Please call the school office if you would like more information, or if you wish to be added to our mailing list.

Sierra Waldorf School
19234 Rawhide Road, Jamestown CA 95327
(209) 984-0454
Email: info@sierrawaldorf.com

Sierra Waldorf School is a non-profit corporation which does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, color, religion, national origin or ancestry.

Vision, Mission & Vision Statements:


The Vision of Sierra Waldorf School is to provide Waldorf education to develop children’s capacities of thinking, feeling, and willing, so that each child’s spirit, soul, and physical body are meaningfully nurtured and educated.  A community of committed, compassionate, and thoughtful individuals and families best supports this endeavor of renewing the social impulse in the world through Waldorf education and threefold social organization and working.



  • To continually deepen our understanding of human development and Waldorf education so that we conscientiously bring an integrated and comprehensive curriculum to children that meets their developing capacities, and inspires them to be free and responsible individuals.
  • To use the insights and indications of Rudolf Steiner as the foundation of our pedagogical and organizational work.
  • To sustain a school culture of inclusion and selfless service that is healthy, safe, respectful, responsible, and compassionate.
  • To make Waldorf education accessible to as many children and families who are willing to value and support it.
  • To provide adult education for parenting and threefold working that has as its foundation the inherent spiritual nature of the human being.
  • To sustain a threefold organizational structure that supports healthy business practices, consciousness in decision making and strategic planning, responsible communication, and transparency of philosophy and practices.
  • To hire qualified teachers and staff who are willing to continue their anthroposophical education.
  • To participate in the Waldorf movement to the best of our ability and resourcefulness.
  • To include ourselves in the larger educational community of our area through outreach, educational sharing, and resource sharing.



 Waldorf is an education that truly meets contemporary needs of children and families by educating the whole child artistically, academically, and physically.

  • To participate in the renewal of the social impulse in the world is of the utmost value and of critical importance. (We understand that to be truly “social” is to consider the needs of others as the motive of our actions.)
  • SWS is a physical manifestation of a spiritual impulse. Central to our work as a school and community is to strive to form an active relationship with that spiritual impulse to better serve its incarnation.
  • Each individual brings valuable gifts into the world that must be respected, understood, and nurtured. The Waldorf curriculum respects and compassionately tolerates individual differences as well as promoting healthy group membership, inclusion, and participation.
  • Conscious cooperation and collaboration between parents and teachers and among community members is the healthiest environment in which to educate children.
  • Compassion, consideration, and respect for nature is essential for healthy incarnation because it is in nature, as well as in our human relationships, that we discover our place as human beings and have the opportunity to experience its moral lessons.
  • Selflessness and servant leadership are fostered and modeled as essential qualities of an integrated human being.
  • Working with consensus in decision-making inspires commitment in decisions and allows for full participation and group-wisdom.
  • Responsibility, accountability, and clear statements of authority in decision-making are essential for integrity of constitutional and operational mandates.
  • Clarity and consciousness of the difference between governance and management, and how they are in relationship, is s foundational necessity of healthy and integrated leadership.
News & Updates
  • School Tours

    Walk-through-the-grades are scheduled on the second Wednesday of the month beginning at 8:30am. Furture tours are February 13, March 13, April 10 and May 15. To reserve a spot, contact our office at (209) 984-0454 or enrollment@sierrawaldorf.com.

  • Spots Still Available for the 18/19 School Year!

    Sierra Waldorf School has begun but we still have some open spots for the 18/19 school year for parent & tot, transitional kindergarten, kindergarten and grades 1st-5th. Enrollment packets are available as are school tours. Call (209) 984-0454 or email at enrollment@sierrawaldorf.com for more information.

  • Medieval Knights – Spring Auction March 16th!

    Merry men and maidens banquet where we will feast, partake in craft beers, meade, spirits and coffee, bid on one-of-a-kind auction items and dance the evening away. Doors open at 5pm, dinner served 5:30-7:30pm, live auction 8-9pm, and dancing 9pm-midnight! We are gathering auction items until Feb. 15th. Tickets are on sale, please visit click on the header for ticket info.
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